Sunday, 26 February 2017

CD13 - Ivf #2 Oocyte Pickup Day


Today is the day that i fear the most. I know it is a simple prosedur, but i know the consequences it will bring me after that (speak from my previous ivf experience). 

To re cap, 36 hours before opu day, i had to jab myself with pregnyl 10000iu to ensure my follicles undergo the final process of maturation before retrival. Then i had to fast from food and drinks around 12am before the opu day. 

The morning of opu day, we woke up for our fajr. 
At 7.30am, we start to work for sperm retrival. 
7.45am, we get ourselves ready to go to the hospital.
8.30am, we reached hospital and we went straight to the mac clinic. By the time we arrived, there were already like 5 couples there. It is sunday and we never thought the clinic would be this busy. We went for registration, hand over our sperm sample and i have to empty my bladder. After saving goodbye to DH(he had to wait at the clinic waiting room), i went inside to change to their robe(or scrub robe i dont know) and waited for my turn. I think im the second one after this indian lady beside my bed. After like half an hour of waiting, they call my name to the room. I had to layback with my feet being put high above me(it is the positing of you giving birth). And the nurse gave me the sleeping drugs via injection line. After that, i saw prof enter the room and the light went blurry. 

The moment i almost wakeup, they still try to retrive my eggs because i can feel something inside my vagina! However im still half awake so i cant even tell. Then the nurse woke me up saying the prosedure was success and help me to stand. I asked the nurse how many eggs, she say 13. Alhamdulillah.

The nurse guide me to my bed, and i continue to sleep for about half an hour more. I woke up at around 11pm, with soreness at my vagina and stomach. I change my cloth and went to the waiting room. DH was there waiting, i was hungry that time and feel bloated. I ask DH to buy me a milo drink. After that the nurse call us. She ask DH to buy me extra medicine to ease my soreness and to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (ohss). It is because my follicle were too many and they afraid it will getting worse after retrival. 

So we got 1 dose of carbegoline and 10 tabs of bromocriptine. 

The nurse hand us the bill we need to pay after 21st (usually you need to pay after the prosedur), she asked us to call them on thursday to updates on our embryos and expected to transfer them by saturday the 25th. Then she jab me with decapeptyl 1ml that i already bought last appointment.

Today's bill:
OPU prosedur: RM 1802
UKM K-health fees : RM 2332
Medicines : RM 49
Total: RM 4183

After the prosedur, you suppose to be headed home straight as the sleeping meds is still kicking in, however, we got a very important wedding to attend, so we drop by Kajang for a quick showup-our-face and went back home. I slept like a baby that evening and woke up with more soreness and bloatiness. It is like u ate or drank so much your stomach gonna blow!

However, the procedur went well and very satisfied with the number of eggs they retrived alhamdulilah. Hope most of them make it to blastocyte!

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