Wednesday, 15 February 2017

CD 7 - Ivf #2 Scanning day

Assalammualaikum wbt,

So today, after 6 days of menopur injection. We had our 1st scan. We came to the clinic quite late. Scanning at hukm is always in the morning before 11am, and we arrive around 10.50am. Luckily i was not the last person to arrive. I hand over my blue planning sheet, that everybody will have when they start their assisted cycle here, to the nurse counter. This sheet is very details about your fertility and treatment that you had and currently take. The nurse will later issue a green sheet for you to pay for today's bill. Follicular tracking is about RM53 for the whole cycle. This means that you only pay once for how many scan you have for that particular cycle. After payment had been made, the nurse will give you a waiting number to scan.  By the time i got the number, it is already my turn. 


The scanning lady is an embryologist called fazilah. I like her very much compare to others as she is friendly and always entertain my question. I was so nervous abiut this scan. Will my follicle response well to menopur?

Fazilah sat there beside me with the scanning device. Once she inserted it inside me, she was very shocked and excited as well (i think). She repeatly said,"banyaknya...banyaknya...(so many, so many..)". There i was relieve and scared too. This is the longest scanning session i had. She said she need to properly know the place of each follicle as there were so many and they are in layers. So, this is the result:

The blue sheet
There are about 15-20 follicles each ovaries! And the size are varries, some are ok for cd7, some are big enough to matured in a few days. No wonder i start to feel bloated and full. 1 thing i know for sure, menopur works wonders for me alhamdulillah. My endometrium lining also looks good (size: 6.5mm). And my ovaries location is assessible. This is also important as in my last ivf cycle, my doctor cannot reach the right ovary as it was very high. So only follicles at left ovary were being retrived. Below is the picture of my ovaries with follicles. 

After scanning, i handover the paper to the nurse at the counter, waiting for doctor to review my findings. Usually they just text my doctor if he is not around. After waiting for quite sometimes, finally the called my name. My doctor said to continue menopur for another 3 days as plan. So they wrote me an online prescription, and gave me syringes and needles. I need to collect the medicine at the NF pharmacy. We went to have lunch first at the hospital cafe near the emergency department because we knew the queue at pharmacy will be long, and it is already 12.30pm. 

Just as we thought, it was about 20 people waiting before my number turned up. 

This is the total cost of the injection: 
 Rm701 for 9 vials menopur. And always remember to bring along your cold box/bag with ice pack, as this medicine need to maintain its temperature. We head back home at 1.30pm.

Today's expenses:
Follicular tracking at clinic: RM53
3 days supplyof 225iu menopur injection: RM701
Valet parking: RM12 (for 3 hours)
Total : RM53+RM701+RM12+

P/s: i will upload the reconstitution video in my next post as i am editing it a bit.
P/s/s: i am worried about ohss, as my tendency to get it is very high at this point. I have started to feel nauseatic a little. 

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