Saturday, 13 February 2016

Post IVF #1- The review

Assalammualaikum wbt

Suspen x baca post ni..hehe..last post was 4 months back. So actually da mcm2 benda berlaku..jom sy summarizekan

5wks pregnant ivf #1:
No sac seen on tvs n abdominal ultrasound. Bhcg reading pun sgt rendah..

6wks pregnant ivf#1:
Still no sac seen on uterus, but something was seen on the fallopion tube!! Ade sakit2 jgk kat bhgian kiri rahim..aduiii..doc a da suruh admit takut ectopic. But we r very optimistic sbb pain tu xteruk sgt. Doc suggest amik second opinion di hukm dgn prof hashim. Went to prof hashim, he said nothing to worry about since the mass xbesar n baru 6wks..if die burst pun dlm 7 wks. To be cautious je. Prof suruh berhenti semua ubat luteal support sbb die yakim pregnancy ni xjadi coz bhcg rendah scan xnmpk pape. So benti semua ubat

7wks pregnant ivf #1:
Tepat2 masuk 7 minggu wooosh darah mengalir dgn jayanya.. 2 hari sblm tu keluar lendir2 putih telur. Ummi sy kate tu sarang baby tu, sbb xjd so xnmpk pape, die pecah terus. Heavy bleeding for 7 days follow by 30 days spotting onwards. Heavy bleeding tu jgn ckp la sakitnye mcm mane huhu..tu la contraction agaknye ek. Tepat2 30 hari spotting, sy period semula. Alhamdulillah rase lega sbb period lps miscarriage.

So i wait for another 2 cycle sblm jumpe doc a semula.

Jan 2016, we went for another fet since we had 1 frozen morula. Segala ubat2 fet beli ade dlm rm500. Then thawing day arrive, our morula seem did not generate well. Lps 3 hari thaw, die mati aka degenarate. Fet/ivf#2 was cancel due to morula didnt make it. So we plan to shift to hukm after this.

What actually happen:

After 2 fail ivf (1st one was chemical pregnancy until 7 wks, one didnt make it even in the petri dish), doc a conclude that maybe my gene or the embryo gene is not good enough for them to survive. Usually a women my age have a good quality of embryo of 2:3, means 2 out of 3 is a good embryo. But mine is very confusing, it is like my embryo langsung xbagus semuanya, thats why they didnt make it. I was so afraid that the problem is with genetic, doc kate kat tropicana ade tools utk cek gene of embryo tp cost about rm12k xworth, baik try again for another cycle.

We plan to shift to hukm mostly due to cost wise, pantai had a very good doctor and i really like doc a, however their cost is very unbearable. Tu belum tiba2 emergency kena warded la kan.. So doc a cadang ke hukm pulak.. Hukm xde doc perempuan, which this is my 1st priority in seeking treatment, but no choice sbb kepakaran is my 2nd priority, and it is suggested by doc a to seek prof hashim. So our next appointment will be on march 2016 inshaAllah, can't wait!!

Perasaan saya?

 Hurm, nangis mmg wajib la kan bg setiap perempuan hehe..but mostly im grateful to be in this journey this far! Im young, just turn 27 last november, i had about 13 years more to try for baby. So why be sad now? Im excited to try again n again until Allah permit us to have babies. We will never give up. I know His plan is better for us. Ingat kate2 ni if rase down:

If i ask Allah for something that i want, and He gave me, i thank him once, but when i ask him but he didn't gave me, yet, i thank him 1000x, because He knew what is best for me.

Kalau kate pasarnye, if kite keluar rumah dah jln separuh n baru teringat ade tertinggal brg kat rumah n kena patah balik, jgn merungut sbb mungkin Allah nk selamatkan kirpte dr malapetaka di tgh jln. Cmtu la lbh kurang..hehe

So sebulan without any treatment is my recovery month. Means no hormon i plan to take supplement to improve my egg quality. I bought royal jelly, coq10, fish oil, multivit n folic acid. InshaAllah nk mkn utk sebulan sblm jmpe prof hashim.

I google about prof hashim but xbyk yg tulis review treatment dgn die. Kenape ek? Anyone know or been his patient before? Just want to know a bit about his style before starting with him.