TTC Chronology

Apr 2013
Self-treatment on herb medicine (Pil Maharani by Hai-O)-period came on the first month till may 2013.

June 2013
No period. BFN.

July 2013
No period. BFN.

Aug 2013
induce period by norculut for 5 days. period came after that with menstrual cramp (23rd aug 2013-31 aug 2013). start another herb medicine - Qaseh Gold Adinda.

September 2013
Period came

Oct 2013
Period came

November 2013
No Period. BFN

December 2013
No period. BFN

January  2014
Start alfafa shaklee 5 tabs/day and GLA shaklee 1 tabs 2 times a day
Start back Qaseh Gold adinda n kekanda (hubby)
First appointment at Lppkn on 23/1, hubby normospermia alhamdulillah.
Duphaston for 7 days to induce period.

2-11 Feb 14 - period come after induce by duphaston
13 Feb 14 - HSG at KPJ Shah Alam. - with heavy bleeding after that
15/2/14 - bleeding almost stop
16/2/14 - bleeding continue, almost like period type of blood
18/2/14 - called lppkn to consult doc about bleeding. dr hamizah ask to seek for local gp first before meeting her.
21/2/14 - still bleeding heavy. went to Hosp Umra and met dr getha. she confirm it was a period bleeding. 
24/1/14 - called lppkn to confirm period, dr hamizah said to start over blood test in the next cycle.

March 2014
14/3/14-cd1 so cd4 and cd21 blood drawn at lppkn. wait for next month 1st period for appointment with Dr Hamizah

April 2014
6/4/2014- CD1. called lppkn for appointment, got appointment on 8/4/14 (CD3)
8/4/14 - treatment with iui this cycle. start with clomid 100mg for 5 days and iv puregon 50iu for 3 alternate days.
15/4/14 - CD10 tvs for follicle scan. 2 follicle still small (biggest are 10 mm). cont iv puregon 50 iu for 2 alternate day.
18/4/14 - another scan, no matured follicle. iui postpone. wait for af

May 2014
13/5/14 - CD1, called lppkn for appointment, doc Hamizah was not around for the whole week, so no possible treatment with her this cycle. call Hosp Pantai and appointment on cd11 was set with Dr Adilah
23/5/14 - 1st appointment with dr adilah. scan, blood work check again for Vit D level. vit D result shows low, take vit D supplement. confirmed PCOS and retroverted uterus as well. wait for next af to start treatment. to start clomid 100mg on cd3 next cycle.

Jun 2014
6/6/14 - CD1, Appointment set at hosp pantai on cd12
7-11/6/14 - tab clomid 100mg
17/6/14 - appointment on cd12, insulin level high, need to take metformin after puasa. scan, no big sized follicle (11mm average). wait for another 3 days
20/6/14 - another scan, no follicle seen! possible of ruptured/ovulate. on duphaston for 2 weeks

Julai 2014
10/7/14 - CD1
11-18/7/14 - Tab clomid 100mg
21/7/14 - scan, 2 15mm follicle seen! alhamdulillah positive result after 3 clomid cycle!
23/7/14 - 1 follicle size 15mm left. another one disappear. try naturally.
30/7-13/8-duphaston 10mg tds

Jan 2015
7/1/15: ovarian drilling through alaproscopyprocedure at HUKM SC with Prof Hatta

Aug 2015:
1/8/15: 1st appointment for ivf procedur
4/8/15-7/8/15: inj pergoveris 0.5ml every morning

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