Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ivf #2 FET #1- Frozen Embryo Transfer day

Assalammualaikum wbt. I wrote this entry using my samsung note 3. I find it is a bit easier to write using my phone instead of my ipad because Crome feature is a bit friendly than using safari.

Anyway back to our topic. Today actually is 2dp4dt. So let me take you back 2 weeks before.

After 4 days on progynova (cd 7-10) i came back to hosp for scanning and my endometrium lining was only 6.5mm, with lots (more than 10) of smalls follicle measuring between 6-8mm each. I was told to come back 5 days later (cd 15) to rescan and alhamdulillah my lining went up to 7.4mm, eventho my follicle didnt grew at all! (Typical pcos simptoms). So they plan to do the tranfer on cd 25, using this following protocol:

-Continue progynova until day 18
-Inject HCG 10,000iu on cd13, 11pm. Stop progynova
-Inject another HCG 5,000iu on cd 20 and start 10mg duphaston until 2ww
-Inject 0.2mcg Decapeptyl on cd 23

These protocol had nothing to do with OPU but it is use to mimic OPU cycle so that my body can response to hormone as if it is OPU cycle. And decapeptyl help in stopping any follicle growth as well as function as luteal support.

On the day of fet (cd25), we went to hosp at 9am and im suppose to take breakfast before the prosedure. However, prof has already arrive and on his way to a opu procedur that time and the nurse ask me to quickly change to the scrub cloth. Unfornately the i waited for almost 1 hour inside the waiting room before my turn arrive. Prof show me and my husband, our baby embryos and it suddenly made our heart melt and happy.
There is our baby A and baby B. And this is their grade:

My friend, kak yati said they are in a very good grade. Both are compacting to form blastocyte soon! Prof said these embryos are on cd4 stage. The procedure went very fast and i couldnt felt any pain at all. Well it is not a painful procedure, you just felt a little bit uneasy feeling during speculum insertion and thingly pain when they inject the babies inside the womb. I went out from the OT at around 11am. We pack our lunch and went home.

Now im officially PUPO! Alhamdulillah. We are happy just to know we are pupo. Prof prescribe me femoston as my luteal support and beta hcg is schedule on 15th aug 2017, on the 8dp4dt.

Please pray for this babies to stick to the right place and hopefully we can conceive a twins this time! Aminnn.

Total cost of FET: RM1800+
Medicine: rm100+