Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cd1 - Ivf #2

Assalammualaikum wbt.

I got my period at 5pm 7/2/18. So CD1 will be counted tomorow, 8/2/17. Exactly 7 days after i stopped duphaston and proluton injection (i restrained my self from scratching the site of injection, so the lump is slowly not getting worse compare to last months').

On the 8th afternoon, we went to Medical Assisted Conception clinic (MAC hukm) to collect my medicine. I am prescribed 225iu menopur once a day for 10 days. However they will only supple me for 6 days as i need to scan on day 7. I bought the inj at NF pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that sell non-formulary items or for fully self-paid patient like me. I vial contain 75iu (RM77), so i need 3 vial per day. So can u do the math how much it cost me?
Haha that is the price for the medicine only. 

 1 vial of menopur 75iu with 1ml sodium chloride as a solvent. We need to reconstitute this ourselves. So DH is the pharmacist/nurse for reconstitution and i will do the injection myself (he insist to do the injection, but i dont trust him that much! Haha) I will record how he reconstitute this in the next post inshaAllah (he is sure very proud of his work of art)

 We only use 2 vial of sodium chloride for 3 vials of menopur. This is to reduce amount of reconstitution injected.

  And this is the final bill for 6 days injection. RM 1404.20

I wonder if menopur will shorten your menses. Today is only cd3, and my period is almost ended! This is very unusual. I got to ask my doctor during scan later. So, my scanning date will be on cd7, 13/2/2017. Wish me luck and hope my egg and follicles mature and has more than 10 each ovaries. Amin

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