Friday, 3 February 2017

Hai back blog! It's been a while.

Assalammualaikum wbt,

First, my apology to my blog and all my readers for not updating my ttc journey for almost half a year! I've been lazy and lack of thought ideas on what to jot down here. Huhu

Second, i will tell you guys what had i done in this past 2016. Basicly we were doing exactly what our doctor recommend us. Yes we still seeing Prof Hashim in HUKM up until now. So, the choronology was:

Mac 2016: 1st appointment with prof hashim. Started Diane 35 to regulate my period before starting any fertility treatment. I has to take it for 2 consecutive month

May-july 2016: start fertikity drug Letrozole (Femara) with self insemination (timing BD). BFN

Still no luck, then we take a break for about 2 month before starting over.

October 2016: i requested another HSG done. So we went to hospital tawakal for hsg with doctor fatimah. She was very friendly. This second-time hsg went very smoothly with zero pain at all! Unlike my first hsg, it was a nightmare, you can read that here [Hsg Experience] and here [Post Hsg Complication]. However the result was not not-ok, but not pleasing either. The dye successfully went through my womb, fallopion tubes and then out from there, but, they stay inside my abdomen cavity for quite sometime. So, doctor indicate some peritubular adhesion. This adhesion maybe at the fallopion tube-ovary cavity. In layman term, maybe my tube isnt directly connected to my ovary. Well, for fact, ovary is like floating balloon and it is not directly attach with the tube, even in normal condition. So, when egg is released, tube had to catch the egg with its fingerlike structure. However, the adhesion makes the connection much worse. So, prof hashim suggest us to try again for 2 more cycle before going to any other option. This time he prescribe femara+clomid for a month, and femara for 10 days (normal regimen will be 5 days).

December 2016: femara+clomid with timing bd. BFN

January 2017 : femara for 10 days with timing bd. BFN

So now, im tired. Our next option is IVF or adoption. My DH suggest we try another cycle of ivf. So today, we went to see prof hashim to discuss for ivf.

2 feb 2017: prof hashim agree for us to proceed with ivf, since he said it is very unlikely that any of the cycle is not a success. So maybe his theory about the adhesion is true. However he did gave us another option before starting ivf. He named it "rejuvenate cycles", where we suppress my menses for 3 month to bring my physiology to the state of before my menses first started. This is to increase receptor of the egg so that many egg will matured and release. He said from his 3 patient undergo this treatment, 2 of them pregnant naturally. So, after discussing with dh, we want to proceed with ivf and postpone rejuvenating my cycles, because it will took like 3 month (mac apr mei) then fasting month on jun, so 4 cycles to waste? I dont know. We dont know what is the best for us, but we are ready for ivf cycle this month inshaAllah.
So, we are now waiting for af to arrive, expected to show her face on 7th feb. prof already give me the names of meds for ivf. I will tell more in the next post inshaAllah.

That is all for my updates. See you guys in the next post.

Ps: consultation fees increase from rm50 in 2016 to rm100 in 2017!!! Gile. That's 100% increase!
Pss: i allergic to proluton. My injection site was red, itchy, and harden for more than 2 weeks! Oh my buttockšŸ˜­ proluton basicly injected on the day i went for beta hcg, even before my result is positive (which is never was)

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