Saturday, 18 February 2017

CD10 - Ivf #2 Scanning day

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Today is the final scanning day. DH just drop me off because he had urgent matter to finish, so i arrived at hukm mac at about 9 am. And i got my turn after about half an hour. Embryologist look very please at the growth of my follicles but as they was so many of them, she cannot jot every size down and just focusing on anything above 14mm. Looks like they were more than 20s and most of them looks very crowded and squeezing each other, makes it more difficult for her to interpret. However she said that as long as there is one or two of big size, prof will be ok to proceed.

At that point, i really had a hard time to bent myself, and my abdomen, especially my uterus ovary area, felt so full and bloated. I also walk like a pregnant women haha.

After handing over the scanning sheet to the nurse counter, i waited for about an hour for the doctor. Luckily during my turn, prof was there and he suggest to do oocyte pickup(OPU) on sunday, 19th feb. i was thrilled and scared at the same time. The nurse, ms azmah was so friendly, she gave me proper instruction on what to do before, during and after upcoming OPU session. Here is the details:
2 days before OPU:
-to inject pregnyl 10000iu at 12am midnight. This to ensure the last prosess of maturation is complete.
-to make deposit payment of RM848 
12 hours before OPU:
-to fast from any food and drink starting 12am

OPU day:
-sperm need to be collected in the morning in the clinic or at home. We choose to do this at home. Easier for DH to take ghusl after that.
-not to wear any jewelleries
-arrive early before 8.30am
-remember you are fasting.

After OPU:
-medicine need to be bought later after opu is done. 

Dont worry if you panic and cannot remember all this on the spot, they provide us with the written list. Hehe

So today, i need to buy some medicine before heading home. 
2 box of pregnyl 
2 syringe of decapeptyl
Clarinase 6 tabs and aspirin 3 tabs

This is the bill for today
Medications: RM166.40
Ivf Deposit: RM848
Total: RM1014.40

I took an uber to ride home. 

Tips: if you had trouble to pay, actually you can still make negotiation with the doctor. In our case, we plan to have opu after 21st (that's when we will have our money ready), but since it will be too late to wait until that, prof let say pay the deposit on the day of opu and the rest of the payment after 21st. 

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