Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Post OPU complication - ivf #2


I wrote this entry about 5 months afer opu procedure. It is because i was in a very uncomfortable situation at that time.

This time, although my opu procedure went well, and the eggs retrived was 13, only 5 survive after fertilisation because mostly the sack was empty. And only 4 made it to blastocyte with 2 in a good grade and 2 are average grade. And the worst part was, i had OHSS right after opu! It was so bad, my stomach was bloated like 5months pregnant, i had difficulty to breath, i cannot sleep lying in bed, i had to sit up straight the entire time and i was very exhausted. I had no appetite, eventhough sometime i felt hungry, i can only sip half a glass of water and i felt already full! If i ate or drink more, i will feel suffocated, like drowning underwater.

This condition last for about 2 weeks! Even during the day of my embryo transfer.

That day, despite all the pain, i push myself to feel excited and happy. We went to hukm 6 days after opu. They let us see the blastocyte, and prof suggest to transfer 1 good grade and 1 average grade. I had a feeling my body isn't ready for this. But we pray hard and tawakal to Allah.

7 days after tranfer we went to check for beta hcg and the result was below 2. This time i didnt feel sad much because all i think about was to feel better from all this ohss. It is so bad, at one point i beg my husband to bring me to emergency and poke my stomach to release all the water retent inside me.
I stop all my meds and i got my period the next day. Soon after that, all my OHSS are gone and i felt free again.

It was a traumatize experience for me. I do felt dissapointed but ohss is a bigger issue than being not pregnant. I dont know if i can bare another ivf after this or not.

1 month after that, we went to see prof hashim. He suggest for me to take antibiotic, tab azithromycin 500mg for 3 days every month for 3 months, to rule out any infection in my adhesion side, together with vitamin D3 to boost up my egg quality and diane 35 contraception pill to regulate my cycle. These meds is to be taken for 3 months.

So today is after 3 months, and this is my last cycle. I will be meeting prof tomorrow to ask if we can proceed with fet this month. I am so excited and optimist about this time as my mind and body is ready for another journey and adventure in TTC.

I hope all my friend and readers are still in a high spirit and energy to continue your treatment and ttc journey as this is the sweet bitter part of our life that Allah had given to us. If we had much sabr, inshaAllah He will reward us, maybe not here but in hereafter.


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