Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My IVF Journey - FET is coming!


Harini ialah CD18. Alkisahnya lps OPU haritu, doc prescribe utk makan progynova 1 tab 3x daily and femoston merah shj utk insert kat vagina 1 tab 3x daily until cd17, which is appointment date, which is yesterday. Owh before that, sepanjang cycle ni jgk sy consume 50ml promengrate juice pagi sblm sarapan and 1 cup of raspberry leaf tea ptg time teatime. Both products sy beli online, which said to help in thickening the endometrium lining.

So yesterday was the appointment to check my lining. Alhamdulillah it was 9mm! The ideal lining for implantation, which it should be above 7mm. Terkejut jugak secepat ni dia tebal sbb lps opu haritu doc predict fet lps raya haji. But masa scan tu ade 1 corpus lutheum yg x shrink lg dr lps opu haritu which doc afraid it will secrete progesterone and mess up the whole fet cycle. Doc ade tnye ade x bloating and sakit breast and ckp xde.. So most likely progesterone sgt low, but to be cautious doc mintk cek progesterone level. Result akn dpt pagi khamis and if ok, ptg tu fet.

Wahhh soo sooonnn... Mcm xprepare la plak..hope level tu cukup rendah utk proceed khamis ni. So doc prescribe injection proluton untuk inject pg khamis. Injection mesti dibuat oleh doc or nurse sbb die inject intramuscularly, which expert je yg bole injectkn. And femoston kena tuka ke warna kuning, which contain progesterone, and habiskan progynova. And one more thing, crinone, which is a vaginal progesterone gel to be inserted every morning.

So, harini cuti malaysia, kelam kabut kemas rumah bagai sbb lps fet dah xleh wat kje2 berat..huhu

Excitednye utk fet.. I dont know what to expect but im feeling positive this whole cycle. What ever happen it is for the best for both of us. Mohon doakan kami ye kwn2.


  1. Alhamdulillah..9mm is awesome..In Shaa Allah, asma da usaha sejauh ini kan dengan izin Allah jua.keep up the positive vibes..semoga berjaya!Amin..

  2. Semoga fet berjalan lancar... good luck asma'