Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tribute to Baby Adam, Rest In Peace

Assalammualaikum wbt,

One of my TTC friend from my whatsApp group just lost her TTC baby, born just a month ago. Arwah baby adam was diagnose to have edward syndrome which is a very rare genetic disorder with unknown origin, detected when he was 29th gestational week. He was very strong when he was born as doctor predicted he could never survive for more than a week, but Allah give him a chance to give love to his parents until he was a month old.

Edward syndrome is a chromosomal abnormility of the presence of all or part of chromosome 18th. This happened during meiosis stage. Characteristic of baby edward are low bith weight, small jaw, heart defect, abnormal and small head.

May Allah give her and her husband strenght to face this challenge from Allah swt. From Allah we came and to him we will return.


  1. baby syurga, dah sedia menanti parent nya di jannah...

  2. sedih...hope dia cpt recover kan??? :(

  3. Allahu Akhbar!Al-fatihah..syurga lah tempatmu sayang..semoga kedua ibu bapa kuat dan tabah..Amin..