Thursday, 9 January 2014

90 days challenge start now!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

semalam asma ade post 1 entry psl my weight loss program. dan xpasal2 ade rakan blogger, Sweet Tooth (comelkan name die :D) suggest utk terima cabaran 90 hari kurus yg die launch 6 Jan 2014, start from this January 2014 sampai 31 march 2014. cabaran die xla extreme mane, ikut kemampuan kite, yg penting ade target dan achievable.

So i proudly accept her challenge! yeah! sebab xnk la diet sia2 kan..inshaAllah..

ok, here is my target.

Current weight: 65kg
by end of this year, saya nk berat saya dlm lingkungan 53-55kg.
which i have to lose 10-13 kgs.
so, by end of march, my weight should be 62kg atleast! inshaAllah

pada sape nk follow my progress, leh follow label '90 days challenge' k.

so, let's go go go!!!

owh, pada yg nak view die sweet tooth nye challenge, leh klik SINI.

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