Thursday, 2 June 2016

TTC @ HUKM - Second attempt with femara

Assalammualaikum and good day everyone!

Looks like last month's attempt is a total bfn. Well it is ok, coz we didnt expect much on the 1st attempt right. Well let me recap what have we done last cycle.

We took femara for 5 days starting day 2-5. Then we had a tvs on day 10 with 2 potential follicle with size 10mm on the right ovary and 1 follicle with size 11mm on the left ovary. Then another tvs on day 13, but with only 1 potential follicle sized 18mm on the left. So after discussing with doc maiza (a phd student under prof hashim), we triggered with ovidrel the next day and BD 36 hours later. However, doc maiza noted that since i had questionable ectopic pregnancy on my left tube last ivf, maybe my tube is not healthy enough to done its job or worse, not function anymore. But doc maiza asked us to have faith and just try. We had our beta hcg done on 10dpo and the result is less than 2. Af came on cd32.

So, we just came back for another visit to prof hashim, and despite of the left tube issue, he is very satisfied with my cycle last month as my af came 14 days after i ovulate. So he said that im ovulating, that is the good news. I also asked him whether we need another HSG done for the left tube, but he said, if it is blocked, u still have another tube functioning. So, we postpone the HSG procedur to try for another cycle as we are very optimist about my body for now. 
Prof provide me with another femara, same dose 7.5mg, to be taken starting today (cd2-cd5) and come back for a scan on cd14. However since this month will be the month of ramadhan, tvs will not take place, just a normal abdominal scan will do. I dont know if the sonographer can actually sees the follicle grew using this abdominal scan. It is hard to see. Hurm..

Well, do pray for this cycle to be a miracle one! May this bless month give us hope and joy of ibadah and also, babies! Amin.. Happy celebrating ramadhan my fellow friends! Keep ttcing and keep praying for us too!!


  1. All the best Nurul! & selamat berpuasa :D

  2. ramadhan Kareem asma'...Smg Allah makbulkan doa kita di bulan yg mulia ini... Amin...

  3. asma' after ovulating doc tak bagi any luteal support medication ye?

    good luck for this 2nd cycle k.;)

    1. Ade bg injection proluton. Tq ms orked