Monday, 16 May 2016

TTC @HUKM - 1st appointment

Assalammualaikum and good day everyone.

Today i decide to write in 80% english language. Another 20% will be in my mother's tougue language, which is Malay Language. It is because i want any information writen to be useful for all my friends around the world. *ntah ade ke pembaca dari omputih ni..kih3..biaq pi lah*. And also, i want to improve my english writing skills, so if there is any grammatical mistakes, please, do guide me ok.

It's been a while since my last entry. After about a month break from ttcing, we went to prof hashim's clinic at HUKM private wing. FYI, hukm provide 2 clinics for fertility, one in the Medical Assisted Conception (MAC) clinic, which is the government sector part, one in private sector at level 7. We chose to go to private sector since our record is already there, when we sought for a second opinion on my ectopic, and also to cut all the other procedur needed in MAC (well this one i didnt know much about, maybe they need you to do certain test or queue up or something).

The first visit was very simple and quick, appointment was made 1 month before the appoitnment date because Prof is going overseas for about half a month, so we didnt manage to see him before he go. Usually, if you are lucky enough, the 1st appointnment will be around 2 weeks. I was schedule to see him at 3pm. So we arrive at 2.30pm, register at nurse counter and i got number 5 out of 7 patient during 3-4pm session. Not bad. So we went for solah first, and wait in front of his room. The queue was rather quick actually. By the time i came back from solah, there is already 3 patients had seen him. So, i waited for about another half an hour and our name were called.

Upon seeing him, he smile at us and ask what is our plan. We said that we wanted to try again after the miscarriage and we will do whatever he suggested. He then said that the key treatment for pcoser like me is to regulate my period back. According to his experience, with 3 cycle of period, and proven ovulation, pcoser can get pregnant naturally. So he suggested for me to take diane for 2 cycle, and start fertility drugs in the 3rd cycle. We agree. He also put me on metformin 850mg daily for my insulin resistant, although i do not have this yet but pcoser tend to have this sooner or later, and metformin can improve my hormonal imbalance during fertility treatment. I will explain about this further in other post about drugs ok.

So no ivf this year i think. Just back to basic. Well, i actually relieve because i know we are in a care good hands. Prof Hashim is the head of MAC and had experience in consulting many couples and also teaching in UKM. As according to doc adilah, he is a practical person, he may not do what exactly the book said, but he knows how to apply them, and he knows what he is doing. Tq doc adilah for suggesting him.

Ok, some of you may worries on him being your fertility doctor since he is a male. Well, i will discuss this matter in other post ok.

Until then.. Byeee